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Igor: Advice I’ll Give My 12-Year-Old Grandson When I’m 80 Years Old

April 3, 2013 12:19 pm | Posted by: admin_canteen

FIRST AND MOST importantly, grandson, always treat ladies with respect. You’ll never get a companion to love if you aren’t treating her with respect. If I see you treating your ladies disrespectfully, I’ll slap you two times, to be exact. read more


canTeens issue 6

April 2, 2013 11:41 pm | Posted by: stephen pierson

Click below to view the entire issue 6 of canTeens–the publication of our 7th graders’ writing and photography! (Though we do think the print version is better!)


Divine: Poem for My Mother

April 1, 2013 10:40 am | Posted by: stephen pierson

HERE YOU ARE, standing right in front of me.
I can see your deep brown eyes
As they brighten with joy. read more


Darquell: Presidential Acceptance Speech

March 1, 2013 10:16 am | Posted by: admin_canteen

GOOD PEOPLE OF America, thank you for electing me your 48th President.

First, I want to thank my running mate, Lamont Pitt, who was the 45th President of the United States. I also want to thank my agent, my beautiful wife Crystal, and my three kids, Alexis, Kyanna, and Daquan. And I want to thank America. read more


Ja’yril: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover (oral storytelling)

October 1, 2012 11:06 am | Posted by: admin_canteen

Imagining himself as a 72 or 74-year-old, Ja’yril gives pertinent advice to his future grandchild. As it might in old age, it takes him a second try to get all his thoughts together. Thanks to CanTeen’s new oral storytelling initiative, you can listen to Ja’ril’s counsel here:


Justen: What 7th Grade Is Like (oral storytelling)

June 1, 2012 11:44 am | Posted by: admin_canteen

Justen knows 7th grade is hard, but he seems to enjoy the challenge.


Leslie: What 7th Grade Is Like (oral storytelling)

11:44 am | Posted by: admin_canteen

Leslie acknowledges that 7th grade is harder for her, but she encourages 6th graders not to be afraid.


Rodney: What 7th Grade Is Like (oral storytelling)

11:44 am | Posted by: admin_canteen

Rodney’s message is simple: class is easy; the people are difficult.


Kylon: What 7th Grade Is Like (oral storytelling)

11:34 am | Posted by: admin_canteen

Kylon emphatically states that 7th grade is overall worse compared with 6th grade. At home and at school, he warns, “There are more problems than a sitcom on TV.”

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